First Time at Cherry High (1984)

First Time at Cherry High (1984)

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First Time at Cherry High (1984)

Lesbian sex has been a staple of heterosexual male-oriented pornography since the silent period of film.
As pornography became mainstream in the 1970s and eventually exploded onto the VHS home market in the 1980s,
lesbians as an object of male objectification and enjoyment
became one of the most profitable fantasies in heterosexual male erotica.
Some films, such as Eve Milan's First Time at Cherry High,
mixed this desire for male-centered lesbianism with suggestions of underage youth,
although scenarios within the films were not necessarily solely lesbian.
Such schoolgirl fantasy films came under fire from many politicians and interest groups concerned with this "virtual pedophili@."
First Time at Cherry High later was renamed and re-released under the less controversial title First Time at Cherry U.


    * Carol Cross [NonSex]
    * Cathy Stevens
    * Chelsea Blake
    * Mystery Lane [Facial]
    * Natasha Skyler (as Natasia Ski) [NonSex]
    * Renee Summers
    * Silver Starr
    * Tanya Lawson
    * Valerie LeVeau


    * Alan Adrian
    * David Scott
    * Dr. Freeda [NonSex]
    * George Payne
    * Jerry Butler
    * Jesse Eastern
    * Michael Gaunt
    * Ron Jeremy
    * Vic Slaughter [NonSex]


    * Scene 1. Tanya Lawson
    * Scene 2. Cathy Stevens, Valerie LeVeau
    * Scene 3. Cathy Stevens, Jerry Butler, Valerie LeVeau
    * Scene 4. David Scott, Tanya Lawson, Renee Summers, Silver Starr, Valerie LeVeau
    * Scene 5. Jesse Eastern, Renee Summers
    * Scene 6. Chelsea Blake, Michael Gaunt
    * Scene 7. 7 guys, Mystery Lane, Ron Jeremy
    * Scene 8. George Payne, Tanya Lawson

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