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FTV Girls

FTV Girls Casy - Cuddle Me


This gorgeous green-eyed beauty with full, natural firm breasts is having her first time experience on FTV... We watch her at a mall, in a very cute summer dress risk it by flashing those nice breasts and taking her panties off to play with herself! Even going further by pulling out a toy and masturbating. Not without getting caught however! No matter, she goes and flashes a random guy sitting nearby, then heads off to another part of the mall to continue masturbating. The weather is very hot this summer, and she decides to cool off by taking all her clothes off and jumping in the water fountain! Sexy wet butt views... Back home she continues to use her vibrator, and ends up with an orgasm. We get extreme closeups of her private parts, and some major gaping. Then is a sexy grey outfit and heels, she fingers herself (you can hear the juices inside) and tries three fingers... Later, looking hot in a fancy swimsuit she gives herself a hard breast massage, extreme nipple closeups, and some unique labia play. On a neighborhood street facing the sunset, we then watch her take a hot white dress off, walk around naked in red heels, showing off that sexy figure once again. She's all-natural, tattoo-free, and a Total First Timer!

Starring: Casy
Year release: 2011
Genre: Solo, Toys
Site: FTVGirls
Duration: 00:10:38 + 00:07:55 + 00:02:49 + 00:10:50 + 00:09:43 + 00:07:25 + 00:07:10 + 00:03:24

Format: WMV
Quality: FullHD
Video: wmv3, yuv420p, 1920x1080, 8000 kb/s, 30.00 fps(r)
Audio: wmapro, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, s16, 192 kb/s
Size: 3.45 Gb

[url=http://oron.com/6cn7y7ph0r6k]FTV Girls Casy - Cuddle Me.part1.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/pschsrzng98a]FTV Girls Casy - Cuddle Me.part2.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/erq2uayxgwaz]FTV Girls Casy - Cuddle Me.part3.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/21tklmx50354]FTV Girls Casy - Cuddle Me.part4.rar (657.4 Mb)[/url]

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FTV Girls

FTV Girls Sensi - Spunky In Cali


213 Photos, 2600 Mb Video Added

Video: Little Playful One
Photo: Parks & Rivers - Spreading It - Home to Penetrate

We meet Sensi in California, visiting several parks and landmarks.  She's a playful little one, and does love to flash, and generally have fun getting naked everywhere!  After some tease at the park, she visits a department store, and tapes herself in the changeroom fingering and masturbating.  She used to do ballet dance when she was younger, so she shows off her flexibility and fingers herself some more at the park.  Notice how wet she gets!  Then she g-spot fingers herself to a squirting orgasm... Out at a popular landmark, she does upskirts and panty views, then fingers some more in the car.  It leads to another park, where she does another g-spot fingering special till she squirts.  At home, in her bed, she tries experimenting with unqiue objects (like a kaleidoscope, painting tool, and a hair straightener) then masturbates one last time to climax.

[url=http://oron.com/0u3jvxa0wqet]FTV Girls Sensi - Spunky In Cali.part1.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/jvlt7f481tzq]FTV Girls Sensi - Spunky In Cali.part2.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/jm387pbkpn1p]FTV Girls Sensi - Spunky In Cali.part3.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/qa97xqbi8lc7]FTV Girls Sensi - Spunky In Cali.part4.rar (899.9 Mb)[/url]

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FTV Girls

FTVGirls Cory - Little Charmer


260 Photos, 5000 Mb Video Added

Video: Breaking the Ice - Sexual Discovery
Photo: The Green Girl - Three Fingers - Lingerie Fantasy - Hot Date For the Day

She's a beautiful girl with stunning eyes, never done any adult work before, total First Timer with a very natural sexuality...  We see her at a resort, playing and stretching her nipples, then using 3 fingers to penetrate herself.  She's wet inside already!  Then all the clothes come off, and she's fingering deeper...  Back home she uses her fingers to masturbate to orgasm, and has some very strong vaginal contractions as a result!  After touching up her toenails with nail polish, she puts on a very sexy dress & heels, walks through an office area, and flashes some more, giving us some extreme closeups right out in the open!  Finding a cucumber, she penetrates herself hard and fast... then gets completely naked again walking on the street!  At home she uses her own vibrator to have another orgasm, with milky juices that flow down, and more vaginal responses.  She goes topless at a restaurant interview, then gets caught... Goes out to a park to play nude in the sprinklers and gets caught again!  She take a shower at home and shaves her private area... then dances and starts doing some deep fingering.  It all leads to her true extreme, full-fisting herself and nearly getting off from it!!  Then in a more intimate, personal way with her working the camera, she talks to you and fingers herself up close.  She gets kinky with some anal fingering... And for the climax she uses the vibraking, surprising herself by squirting twice!  She's never done that in her life.  Enjoy this supercute girl, who is doing her First Time Experience, and exclusive to FTV!

[url=http://oron.com/mcghldt2xkji]FTVGirls Cory - Little Charmer.part1.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/6ezfv84dk3gy]FTVGirls Cory - Little Charmer.part2.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/xgdm859gqzlg]FTVGirls Cory - Little Charmer.part3.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/ex0061cuzde6]FTVGirls Cory - Little Charmer.part4.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/g1dy1v24xpj7]FTVGirls Cory - Little Charmer.part5.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/o931a5xdk6vx]FTVGirls Cory - Little Charmer.part6.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/isyote9q0l51]FTVGirls Cory - Little Charmer.part7.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/0120udnnnep9]FTVGirls Cory - Little Charmer.part8.rar (410.2 Mb)[/url]

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FTV Girls

FTV Girls Amie Russian Teen


This supercute teen comes all the way from Florida, and as soon as she arrives, she's undressing and doing a nude striptease for us. Nice figure, with perky breasts and a very cute butt, she shows off her magic wand toy she brought with her and masturbates to a strong orgasm that night. And wow is she loud! Next morning, at breakfast, she flashes her breasts, puts some jam on her nipples and sucks away... right out in public. Then she gets completely naked at an office area, and plays around the water fountain, doing cartwheels! Putting on a very sexy dress & heels, she walks innocently through a busy mall, and starts rubbing herself between her legs... and flashing wherever she can! Leading to more fingering, she eventually masturbates with her magic wand again to orgasm. Naturally talented in Ballet, she does a beautiful dance scene to music, which she does both in a dress and in the nude. Out at a park, she gets completely naked again, risking getting caught (and with all the cars driving by seeing what's going on) and uses a banana as deep as it can go! Back out in public, this time in a cute schoolgirl outfit and pigtails, she plays with and stretches her long labia, then gives her full breasts a very hard breast massage. Extreme closeups of her clit, then some foot fetish (very cute feet!) and some fingering later, she is caught by a rather upset lady who came by to kick us out from the resort. So she goes back home, gives herself a nice butt massage, then attempts to fist! Later in the day, she wears a very innocent white dress, with cute strappy white heels, and walks though another office area, slowly stripping down... we get to watch her walk sexy in the nude with that graceful form of hers. Then for one last masturbation, she uses the vibraking toy, and wow does she start screaming...

Format                           : Windows Media
Dauer                            : ca. 95 Min.
Modus der Gesamtbitrate          : konstant
Gesamte Bitrate                  : 8 241 Kbps
maximale Gesamtbitrate           : 8 217 Kbps
Filmname                         : FTVGirls.com
Filmname/Mehr                    : Amie
Kodierungs-Datum                 : UTC 2011-10-24 01:57:00.000
MediaFoundationVersion           : 2.112

ID                               : 1
Format                           : VC-1
Format-Profil                    : MP@HL
Codec-ID                         : WMV3
Codec-ID/Info                    : Windows Media Video 9
Codec-ID/Hinweis                 : WMV3
Beschreibung zum Codec           : Windows Media Video 9 - Professional
Bitraten-Modus                   : konstant
Bitrate                          : 8 000 Kbps
Breite                           : 1 920 Pixel
Höhe                             : 1 080 Pixel
Bildseitenverhältnis             : 16:9
Bildwiederholungsrate            : 30,000 FPS
BitDepth/String                  : 8 bits
Scantyp                          : progressiv
Bits/(Pixel*Frame)               : 0.129
Stream-Größe                     : 503 MiB (97%)

ID                               : 2
Format                           : WMA
Format-Profil                    : Pro
Codec-ID                         : 162
Codec-ID/Info                    : Windows Media Audio
Beschreibung zum Codec           : Windows Media Audio 10 Professional - 192 kbps, 48 kHz, 2 channel 24 bit (A/V) 1-pass CBR
Bitraten-Modus                   : konstant
Bitrate                          : 192 Kbps
Kanäle                           : 2 Kanäle
Samplingrate                     : 48,0 KHz
BitDepth/String                  : 24 bits
Stream-Größe                     : 12,1 MiB (2%)


[url=http://oron.com/uqofs8lw1ood]FTV_Girls_Amie_Russian_Teen.part1.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/cd8a9bwhrj9d]FTV_Girls_Amie_Russian_Teen.part2.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/tfc1ix53wm3u]FTV_Girls_Amie_Russian_Teen.part3.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/0mxg2lcl5qdd]FTV_Girls_Amie_Russian_Teen.part4.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/4ic4v26koqy5]FTV_Girls_Amie_Russian_Teen.part5.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/rvswczh6hw60]FTV_Girls_Amie_Russian_Teen.part6.rar (292.2 Mb)[/url]

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FTV Girls

FTV Girls Anne & Danielle


File size: 8.22 GB
Format: HD WMV
Resolution: 1920x1080p


Two years later, the superpopular Anne returns for another New Year's special adventure shoot... This time in an all-out super extreme girl girl, with another FTV favorite Danielle! We meet Anne at the airport, and she shows off those big breasts right away, with security cameras everywhere! Then more flashing at breakfast, her wearing a super sexy workout outfit. Going to a sporting goods store, she flashes and even fingers herself there! Not having enough, she goes to collegetown and hits the gym there, flashing her breasts, fingering herself, all while people work out and watch!! Anne is by far the most fit FTV girl we've ever seen. All of a sudden, she pulls out a large egg shaped vibrator, that was hidden inside her vagina! She masturbates right there at the gym... then leaves with more flashing to passers-by! Later that night, we have a dinner date with her, and she's wearing the sexiest dress & heels, a total stunner. Flashing through the busy mall, and even fingering herself until she is caught by security. We pushed our luck that day! Next morning she meets up with Danielle and has breakfast with her, then some grocery shopping for veggies. On the comfy couch they get intimate with each other, which leads to sensual kissing, breast play, hard nipple sucking & biting, and oral sex. Anne is quick to orgasm, while Danielle uses a vibrator. Anne is the aggressive one, so she starts fingering Danielle, first with 3 fingers, but then 5, then the whole fist goes in! For the first time in her life, Danielle gets fisted! Hard and deep too. The combination of vibrator and fisting gets her off real hard. She's in total ecstasy. Then they both dress up in their sexiest black dress & heels, get touchy-feely, and end up using strapons on each other! Danielle gets it anally, and Anne gets double penetrated with one in her vagina, the other in her butt! Then the fisting gets more intense, possibly the hottest girl-girl fisting ever! Danielle, with her larger hands, starts penetrating Anne doggy style, going real deep! Then Anne rides (!!!) Danielle's fist, going as deep as possible, a very hot and sensual extreme scene! Its time for some fetishy veggie action, as the girls compete to see who can stuff the most carrots. They both manage about 8! Then more competition to see how many limes they can stuff, and they also end up doing about 8 of them each! Watch as the go in one by one, and are pushed out or pulled out by the girls! Near the end of the day, Danielle is found masturbating again, and Anne really wants to go aggressive on her... so she starts fisting Danielle, but as hard and as deep as she can... and we mean rough! Twisting her hand inside her, it has Danielle discovering pleasure to the extreme. Add to it the Vibraking, and Danielle comes to the hardest orgasm of her life. The two girls contrast in many ways, but at the same time made the ultimate pair for the ultimate in extreme girl-girl!

[url=http://oron.com/qpehmrd3pby7]FTV_Girls_Anne_&_Danielle.part01.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/kp84zrv5ufx2]FTV_Girls_Anne_&_Danielle.part02.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/62eh8wfp0ykk]FTV_Girls_Anne_&_Danielle.part03.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/aak5k72ovplp]FTV_Girls_Anne_&_Danielle.part04.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/43snm0o666xu]FTV_Girls_Anne_&_Danielle.part05.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/4qtk1x725qed]FTV_Girls_Anne_&_Danielle.part06.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/rnpdw2z8s8af]FTV_Girls_Anne_&_Danielle.part07.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/jfu12fwfk22k]FTV_Girls_Anne_&_Danielle.part08.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/5tebnpehfnzg]FTV_Girls_Anne_&_Danielle.part09.rar (745.7 Mb)[/url]

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FTV Girls

FTV Girls Rikki - Italian Sensuality


302 Photos, 5200 Mb Video Added

Video: Orgasmic Nature - Super Squirter!
Photo: Pure Arousal - 2 Italian Hotties - 4'11 BubbleGirl - The Cucumber

Turned 19, she's experiencing her total first time in adult, and she's shy at first, but then her personality explodes on camera!  Fun-loving, bubbly attitude, smiling and laughing all the time, we see her rolling around and masturbating in the bed, then going to the bathroom to masturbate in front of the mirror.  She ends up with a strong toe curling orgasm, and squirts everywhere!  She's only squirted once in her life, so it was a shock for her too!  She plays with those big breasts of hers, then puts on some casual clothes to go out shopping.  But not until she flashes some more over at a restaurant, then some random people at the mall!  At a department store, she isn't shy about letting her breasts out, putting on clothes outside, and fingering herself in the shoe fitting area!   Safely back home, she tries out the biggest cucumber she could possibly fit in herself, and takes the challenge of seeing how deep she can go!  Then she masturbates again, with the Eroscillator vibrator, and has an even stronger and wetter squirting orgasm, with toe curling floods everywhere!  Now that she's got some cute dresses & heels from shopping, she puts one on, and gives us upskirt and downblouse teases, then gives us extreme closeups of her very petite private parts.  Its time for the Vibraking, and at first it seems too strong for her -- but it leads her to an explosive squirting orgasm that leaves her exhausted on the floor!  She doesn't seem to want to stop masturbating though, so even on the 'break', we catch her masturbating while she's texting!  Then in a grey dress & heels, she does a sexy walkthrough with the Lamborghini Aventador of the same color.  Watch her rub her breasts on the spoiler... Then kinky time as she uses her shoe heel to penetrate herself, notice how tight she is!  She has really cute petite feet and toes, so then we get a taste of foot fetish and more of her funky playfulness.  For a grand climax, she masturbates with the Eroscillator toy one more time, and has another strong squirting orgasm that leaves the couch all wet!  Enjoy this fun first timer, she's as sweet as they get!


[url=http://oron.com/7skdojsg8xyf]FTV Girls Rikki - Italian Sensuality.part1.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/hv7lf5mtmaw5]FTV Girls Rikki - Italian Sensuality.part2.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/w96kc6vm16wt]FTV Girls Rikki - Italian Sensuality.part3.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/18fcyduyz5dp]FTV Girls Rikki - Italian Sensuality.part4.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/w32vxin800ck]FTV Girls Rikki - Italian Sensuality.part5.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/mwjacnwkl85t]FTV Girls Rikki - Italian Sensuality.part6.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/ikskhd0uq462]FTV Girls Rikki - Italian Sensuality.part7.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/dd9hb4spjt4z]FTV Girls Rikki - Italian Sensuality.part8.rar (64.5 Mb)[/url]

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FTV Girls

FTV Girls Risi Little Rebel 2


HD Video Type: 1080p
Video format: WMV
Video: Windows Media Video 1920x1080 29.97fps 8000kbps nine
Audio: Windows Media Audio 48000Hz stereo 192kbps
Size: 4.57 GB

The superpopular Risi of 2007 returns, now 4 years later with a lot of surprises!  We meet up with her at the airport, suprising her, and watching her flash there as well as show off what she brought with her.  Then its out to a park and a gym... where she's flashing all over the place with people working out!  She's still athletic, showing off that toned, muscled form, and her natural flexibility as she does splits and high kicks.  Then she uses two vibrators to orgasm, and wants to try extreme -- using the Big Pink and going as deep as she can!  Taking it to her limits, then she tries fisting, and manages to get her whole hand in!  What an extreme change from her last shoot... Guess what?  She can lactate too!  Squirting milk out of her nipples, she gets the milk to drip down her body to her vagina, and she squirts it all over a glass table and licks it off!  At a lunch break, we get a cute interview from her, as well as sneek peeks up her skirt and more flashing.  Out at an office area, she takes her panties off and stuffs them deep inside her!  We'll call it a 'public panty stuffing'!  Then in a hot, mature dress & heels she gives us a very sensual foot fetish scene, then uses the shoe heel as a toy, stuffing it deep inside her!  Later in the day, she's wearing her glasses (yes she has a pair!) and watches Star Trek (yes she likes the show).  First she lactates, then fingers herself, and then uses the Vibraqueen to a toe-curling orgasm.  More kinky stuff is next, as she takes on not one, but two zucchinis (summer squash) and stuffs them, managing to get both into her vagina!  To finish herself off, she masturbates one last time, to another toe curling orgasm using the Vibraking.  Welcome Risi back, she's doing her second return after a 4 year hiatus, here first, on FTV.

[url=http://oron.com/p8rqnr3asciz]FTV Girls Risi Little Rebel 2.part1.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/l4trh58s5zqq]FTV Girls Risi Little Rebel 2.part2.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/7zwmyh8bxfok]FTV Girls Risi Little Rebel 2.part3.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/gfa9s8xxs7m5]FTV Girls Risi Little Rebel 2.part4.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/a7ujwc4rpzhn]FTV Girls Risi Little Rebel 2.part5.rar (861.3 Mb)[/url]

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FTV Girls

FTV Girls Sofia & Arianna - Little Finger & Masturbators


HD Video Type: 1080p
Video format: WMV
Video: Windows Media Video 1920x1080 29.97fps 8000kbps
Audio: Windows Media Audio 48000Hz stereo 192kbps
Size: 4.47 GB

A special two girl update, both petite, and lovers of natural finger masturbation...
Supercutie Sofia returns, the natural beauty with gorgeous hair teases us and gives us some initial spreads & nipple play outside.  On a comfy couch, she masturbates with her fingers to a nice, natural orgasm a happy vaginal response...  We go for some food, and this braless girl lets us see through her clothing (and shows off her breasts to the waitress too) -- then flashes at a fancy mall.  Back to more masturbation, this time with a vibrator, and has another orgasm.  We then do some stocking fetish, as she plays with her feet, sucks on her toes, and shows off her flexibility on the bed.  Then she shows us how she learned to masturbate, and how she still likes doing it, on her stomach, grinding over her hand...
Arianna's a very petite girl with a firm, shapely butt and sexy legs... so we watch her walk around in sexy heels through a resort hallway. The top comes off, her playing and stretching her nipples, then her bottoms come off. Eventually she's only in heels, walking sexy as we check her naked form in motion. Back home, the heels come off, and she masturbates with fingers to orgasm. Notice how her toes curl up in reaction to sexual stimulation/arousal. At a lunch break, she talks about her sexual experiences, then strolls topless through the parking lot. In a cute seethrough white nightie and heels, she walks on a sidewalk through a neighborhood, flashing and teasing some more. Back indoors she uses a hairbrush handle to penetrate herself as deep as she can go, from several intimate angles. Notice the milky juice buildup that flows down her brush. Then she gives herself a butt massage, and some anal tease before trying out a larger pink dildo. Tight and petite, she only manages to get the head in... To finish off, she masturbates with her fingers one more time to another toe curling orgasm.

[url=http://oron.com/h6ccz8jnt5vl]FTV Girls Sofia & Arianna - Little Finger & Masturbators .part1.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/acxbm1mbf5xs]FTV Girls Sofia & Arianna - Little Finger & Masturbators .part2.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/xt2hp5rkkuk8]FTV Girls Sofia & Arianna - Little Finger & Masturbators .part3.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/vpeud21u3py7]FTV Girls Sofia & Arianna - Little Finger & Masturbators .part4.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/q0no2w8lpf6h]FTV Girls Sofia & Arianna - Little Finger & Masturbators .part5.rar (762.3 Mb)[/url]

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FTV Girls

FTV Girls Meghan - What a Figure!


251 Photos, 4900 Mb Video Added

Video: Watch the Sexy One - Out for Fun!
Photo: Fancy Mall Flash - Ballerina Spreads - Public Panty Stuffer - Danielle + Cucumber


She's a gorgeous, leggy redhead with a very classy, mature way about her.  We watch her shopping at a very fancy mall, occasionally getting peeks up her skirt, and seeing her nipples exposed through the dress...  She finds a rather risky spot on the steps, starts fingering herself, using a toy... but too many people spot her naughty activities.  Walking to the parking area, she takes everything off but does not go unnoticed!  Never been naked in public before, she's starting to enjoy it... So she goes to a golf course, and grabs more attention from golfers who keep their distance all confused as to why she's doing cartwheels and splits naked in the middle of the course!   Even more so, she loves walking totally naked in heels, so more 'getting spotted' by drivers as she does the same on the street.  Back home, she masturbates with a vibrator, and has two nice, natural orgasms.  Notice her perfect figure:  Full, firm breasts, and the most perfectly shaped butt you've ever seen!  She gives herself a very hard breast & butt massage, shows off the 'booty shake' skill, and then fingers herself anally with several fingers.  At a restaurant she draws more ire from people nearby as she flashes her breasts, and then does a panty stuffing right there!  Back home we gets closeups of her pulling out her now wet panties.  Not only gorgeous, she's talented as well:  In tan stockings, she shows off her ballerina skills to music, with some very sensual, graceful posing & stretching.  She speeds it up a bit with some dancing to music afterwards, then spreads for us to give us some extreme closeups of her very pretty private parts.  Danielle then joins in, and double penetrates Meghan with cucumbers, one vaginally, the other anally.  Then more masturbation & orgasm with a vibrator & vibraking, with juicy wet results.  Later that night, a dinner and more stripping down in a parking lot, then out to a college party where she parades around in only her underwear!  She's gorgeous, sexy, classy, and a totally made-for-FTV kind of girl!

[url=http://oron.com/to7cghdyekhn]FTV Girls Meghan - What a Figure.part1.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/5lk5v7gzsayw]FTV Girls Meghan - What a Figure.part2.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/c2n6yd6tfekv]FTV Girls Meghan - What a Figure.part3.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/bwmii73myq4e]FTV Girls Meghan - What a Figure.part4.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/auv4m0uipd2x]FTV Girls Meghan - What a Figure.part5.rar (953.7 Mb)[/url]
[url=http://oron.com/znreg9xi4bu4]FTV Girls Meghan - What a Figure.part6.rar (268.6 Mb)[/url]

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FTV Girls Haley - Very Sweet


368 Photos, 5300 Mb Video Added

Video: Fingers in Public - Kinkier by the Day
Photo: Shopping Time! - Intimately Sweet - Playful Penetration - Dressed for Greens - Golf Balls


Back from 'retirement', Haley has her renewed 'first time' with FTV. Her first adult shoot in over a year, she is cuter than ever and wow, she does love the public nudity! Early morning, she flashes at a restaurant interview, then goes to the mall to expose herself, even fingering right in the middle of the mall's entry way and hallway! In the changeroom she plays with herself some more, and buys some cute heels. Looking sexy with the new pair, she's strips completely naked at the canal, and at a gas station! Back home she plays with some vibrators, eventually coming to a very strong orgasm, withs some rather intense vaginal contractions! She spreads & gapes for us, showing off her very pretty & wet private parts up close. On the comfy couch, she gives herself a hard breast & butt massage, then some very intimate foot play and toe sucking. Very cute feet on her! Also notice her flexibility, as she does some splits naked! Taking her pretty white panties, she stuffs them deep inside her, and pulls them out for some fun panty stuffing... At lunch, she's flashing & fingering some more, then out to a park and golf area, running topless, then bottomless -- making the golfers real happy! Its time to try the Vibraking, and whoa... she squirts everywhere! It leads to another super strong orgasm, with those very intense vaginal contractions. Testing how big she can go, she tries the Long Pink Toy, then the even bigger Big Pink! A cute dance and deep fingering with a classy looking black dress & heels is next. It leads to some eggplant and cucumber stuffing that is a must-see! Another morning, and she's masturbating outdoors -- then squirts... It wets her up for another very kinky moment, pushing her to her extremes, where she stuffs 3 golf balls inside her! Watch them pop out one at a time. Fun, spunky, and full of kinky enthusiasm, she's doing it all, in FTV style!

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jotce1910 2012-1-11 15:11

FTV Girls Patricia - Busty Girl Next Door



332 Photos, 5600 Mb Video Added

Video: Large Butt, Long Legs - Talented Fun
Photo: Explicit Toy Model - Arizona's Stunner - Flexible Pink Spreads - Veggie Play - Amateur Beginnigs




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FTV Girls

FTV Girls Trinity From Public To Anal



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Video: Public Fetish - Preferring Anal
Photo: Spread for Toys - Teeny Punk - Sporty Veggies - Italian Dressing




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FTV Girls

FTV Girls Bojana & Shazia Girls From The East



257 Photos, 4500 Mb Video Added

Video: Bojana's Videos - Shazia's Videos
Photo: Dressed Up First Timer - Loving Public Nudity - Stunning in Public - Erotic Middle Easterner




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FTV Girls

FTV Girls Nikkie Wet & Spunky



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Video: Spunky Wet Girl - Kinky Wet Girl
Photo: Snow Bunny - Garters & Dildo - Explicit Indoors - Over the Rainbow




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FTV Girls

Ftv Girls Chloe - Little Anal Teen 1080p



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FTV Girls

FTV Girls Karly Ready To Extreme



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Video: Wet Orgasms - Going Deep
Photo: Flashing on Location - Indoor Toy Stuffing - Still Summertime - Looking Sophisticated




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FTV Girls

FTV Girls Madeline Douthern Belle 2



323 Photos, 3600 Mb Video Added

Video: Location Masturbation - Trying New Things
Photo: Flashy White - Blue Fantasy - Cutsie Cucumber - Your Sultry Date - CuddleGirl




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FTV Girls

FTV Girls Shyla Homegrown Beauty



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Video: Playful Adventure - FTV's Dream Girl
Photo: Little Red Riding - Erotic Fashion - Banana Pink - Natural Nudes - Athletic Anal




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FTV Girls

Ftv Girls Nadine Hula Hoop Teen



Teen, Solo, Public Nudity, Masturbation, Fingering, Closeups, Toys, Veggies, Outdoor
15x 5-17 mins
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